Our History

While still in High School, at the age of seventeen, Bill Gaston started working in the tree care industry. Working summers and after school he learned the skill of tree climbing using climbing spikes and ropes. “It was so much fun, I couldn’t believe that we got paid. It was better than an E Ticket to Disney World.”

In the summer of 1972 Gaston’s Tree Service was established. With Bill’s Mother co-signing a bank note he was able to acquire a tree debris haul truck and Bill and his brother Levin began to perform “Professional Tree Services” in Gainesville, Florida and the surrounding areas.

Over the years, Gastons Tree Service has become one of the most sought after tree care companies in the Country. Specializing in tree trimming and dangerous tree removal, GTS has responded to emergency cleanup projects from the Florida Keys to Oklahoma to New York and up and down the east coast. Most recently wrapping up two months in New York after Hurricane Sandy.

Today, with Bills’ son Shawn Gaston at the helm, GTS continues to be the leader in professional tree care.

Shawn, a “Certified Arborist” has introduced Training and Safety programs offered by the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA.com). By investing in the latest equipment, GTS has been able to hold down the cost of services. The continual investment in improvement allows GTS to remain competitively priced allowing for affordable tree work to a wide range of customers.

“We are starting our 41st year in 2013. We want to thank all our customers who have trusted us to be their tree care contractor and we look forward to meeting our new customers over the next 40 years.

Bill and Shawn Gaston

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Gaston's Tree Service
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