The continual investment in the latest technology serves two functions for GTS. First, and arguably the most important, is safety. While we have well-trained tree climbers on staff, the ability to work from a bucket provides the highest margin of safety. Second, proper equipment dramatically improves productivity. The time saving allows us to pass the discounts along to our customers.

  • Our bucket trucks have an 85’ working height and can work a 100 foot tall plus tree. We use them in our “easy access areas”
  • Our newest addition, the 80’ tracklift used for our “limited areas” with sensitive landscape
  • Our 100’ cranes lift debris up and away from structures as opposed to the “dropping” method causing damage to plants and structures
  • Our debris haul trucks eliminate the need for dangerous hand-fed chippers
  • Our small bob cats bring debris from tight locations to the haul trucks

Our continual investment in specialized equipment provides a competitive edge for GTS and results in cost savings for our customers.

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