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How to find the best tree service in Gainesville FL

How to Find the BEST Tree Service in Gainesville/Alachua County

Ever wrestled a bear? I bet sometimes that’s what it feels like to choose the best tree service.

There are over 30 tree services in Alachua County not including landscapers. There is currently no licensing program in Alachua County for tree companies. This means it is up to you to choose the right one. I have often seen people in my community struggle with how to choose the best one. In this blog I will talk about a few pointers that will help make your decision easier, no wrestling!

The most important thing

The most important thing is choosing a company that has an ISA (International Society of Arboriculture) certified arborist on staff. Knowledge is key, and this trickles down to the technicians that are performing the tree work. There are 2 other tree companies with Arborists besides Gaston’s Tree Service, LLC that come to mind: Sky Frog and Gator Tree Service. Be careful of anyone claiming to be an Arborist! Verify that the Arborist has a current certification. What sets an ISA certified arborist apart is the process. What’s involved? A lot! Starting with a membership, taking a pretty rigorous exam, and keeping up with continuing education credits to stay certified. This is very important as this is where we as Arborists can keep up with the most current rules, regulations, technology and safety.


Insurance is an extremely important part of finding the best tree service. There are 2 specific types of insurance that are required: General Liability and Workers Compensation. Make sure the technicians working on your jobsite are all employees of the company and not subcontractors. Often employees of the company are covered, and subcontractors are not. Always ask if there will be any subcontractors working on your jobsite.


Communication is key! If a tree company does not return your call or email in a timely fashion, that may be a clue to how you may be treated in the future. Go with a company that details negative impacts to the yard. That is an example of good communication so that you as a customer can be made aware of possible yard damage. Ever been stood up? Make sure the estimator shows up when scheduled.

I hope this blog helps you win the battle in finding the proper tree care company for you! Need more help? Look for my next blog: How to choose the right Tree care company for you. I will be highlighting the importance and the details of insurance as well some other important topics such a cost, and equipment.

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Shawn Gaston
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